You Have Video Content

Increase the monetization and distribution of both current and archive video.

You Need Video Content for your Properties

Get Premium content to improve engagement and monetization of your properties.

You Want to Advertise on Videos

Large and qualified brand safe eco-system with transparent reporting.

We help you find the solution.

Use Video Content in a Smart Way

Harness the full potential of video content with our “out of the box” set of solutions and technologies.

You Have Video Content

Generate more value from your Content


On top of traditional pre-rolls we offer innovation.

  • Interactive Hotspots
  • Video to ecommerce
  • In-video ad triggers
  • Immersive gaming
  • Server side ad insertion

Increase user engagement

Smart widgets increase engagement.

  • Up to 75% conversion from page view to video views
  • Up to 300% increase in session duration (in-house tests verified with partners)
  • Content creation: auto translation, RSS to video, image to video

Worldwide Distribution

Publish content on our content exchange.
Videos will be recommended to our publisher partners globally.

  • Reach potentially 300M monthly

Content Management

Flexible CMS to manage, organize and syndicate content globally.

Live Channels

Create Linear channels out of your VOD or our Library.

  • Monetize like TV
  • Convert VOD to live
  • We also provide a handy RSS to video and image to video tool

AI Content Scanning

Automatically scan, tag and create metadata for your video library.


With iVideoSmart you remain free: no vendor lock, no platform exclusivity, mainly based on revenue share, meaning no OPEX and no CAPEX most of the time. Your success is our success.
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You Need Video for Your Properties

Find out our solutions to digitise and videotise your website

Videotisation of Articles


Our AI scans text and provides a video out of still images and the text of an article.

Match Content with Context


Smart Widgets scan text articles to understand context of the page and will recommend appropriate video from IVS or partner library.

Outstream Videos in Scrolling


Add outstream video ads directly on webpages.

  • When users scroll down a video ad will be displayed

Frictionless Video player


Create your own playlists with videos from our content exchange and distribute via our smart widgets.

Monetize better your website through videotization and frictionless integration

With iVideoSmart, integrating new video content and adding a player is friction-less, we mainly work on a revenue share basis, and we cover the bandwidth, meaning no OPEX and no CAPEX most of the time. Our business grows with your success.
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You Want to Advertise on Videos

Find the solutions to maximize the impact of your ads

Brand Safety


Ads run only on videos from our premium content partners.

  • You can track where and when your ads have been displayed, to a video level.

Match video Context with Ads


Our AI tags, tracks and contextualizes videos, we can set up impulse or opportunistic ads matched to video.

Independent Audience


Addressable market of 300+ million monthly across out publisher alliance. Access is backed by transparent reporting and partners such as Comscore.

Interactive Ads


With our hotpots solution, viewers can actually “Touch” or click videos to start a connection. We make the video interactive leading directly to e-commerce, subscription or any call to action you define.

Reach your audience our innovative and user-friendly ad formats

We give you full visibility in the ad process as we match ad relevancy to content to capitalize on impulse and opportunistic behavior