iVideoSmart Partners with Kompas Gramedia To Transform Users’ Media Engagement

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Homegrown Video Publisher Start-up, iVideoSmart,
Partners with Kompas Gramedia To Transform Users’ Media Engagement. 

SG:D Accredited company, iVideoSmart Pte Ltd (“iVideoSmart”), joins hands with KG Media (media group of Kompas Gramedia) to help improve on how users interact with video services offered on KG Media properties, and to make it more relevant to them.

“There is a clear demand for more and more relevant video content in KG Media assets, and this partnership with iVideoSmart boosts our capability to be more responsive to consumer needs. We are always looking at ways to improve our offerings to better relate to what our consumers want. Early indications see us doubling or tripling consumer engagement while leveraging premium content” Andy Budiman, Chief Executive Officer KG Media said of the partnership.

Products such as the Ivideosense’s suite of smart widgets allows the scanning and contextualisation of any online property to recommend relevant video towards it. This converts every webpage view into a potential video view. iVideoSmart uses artificial intelligence to matchmake page content with organic video from the company-owned content exchange as well as the Kompas library, which in turn increases both quality and quantity of the video offered.

Vinchi Cuyegkeng, Chief Commercial Officer of iVideosmart said “Consumer engagement is our priority, and we profile consumers against relevant content. We find that by making recommendations based on content engagement, we are able to drive relevance for end users. And by doing this at a large scale, we believe it can unlock additional quantifiable value for the media industry to monetise.”

iVideoSmart will also provide Kompas the ability to inject dynamic ads into live streams, providing them with the ability to geo-customise their online ads in real time.

About iVideoSmart Pte Ltd

iVideoSmart was established in Singapore in 2016. It is the first SG:D Accredited company under the Ad Tech category, in 2017. The company aims to help content owners monetize properly, brands to engage with their audience effectively and video consumers experience a friendlier interface with less intrusion and distraction.

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About Kompas Gramedia.

KG Media is media group of Kompas Gramedia. An integrated and multi-platforms media businesses consist of digital, TV networks, radio networks and print. With more than 150 media brands, KG Media is committed to deliver accurate and trustworthy information to all over Indonesia.

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