iVideoSmart secures USD$3.5 Million Series A from Monk’s Hill Ventures To Roll Out World-First Video Business in a Box

Singapore, 5th of December 2017 – Homegrown iVideoSmart Pte Ltd (“iVideoSmart”), which developed the world’s first video business in a box, announced today that it had received US$ 3.5 million Series A from leading VC Monk’s Hill Ventures, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin and other 2 strategic investors.

The company aims to solve a huge problem in the media industry and common across all regions. Content owners like TV, newspaper and magazine companies are struggling to transition to digital, and often they exchange analog dollars for digital dimes. Brands are facing increasing challenge to make an effective connection with their target audiences specially on campaigns that are ad-based, as the use of ad blockers and videos are skipped due to low to minimum relevancy.

In order to solve this problem, the company partners with content owners, applies cutting edge technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and tag “faces, images, text, audio, motion, objects, scenes”. Such tags are then used for mapping potential video content that can be either replaced, have objects inserted, made fully interactive via clicks or taps, or enrich video metadata for a better search and recommendation. The tags are also used to re-package on-demand content to build live OTT channels with server side ad-insertion, giving new opportunities to partners to value their content.

On the distribution side, Whenever publishers already have an online presence with its their own portals, iVideoSmart helps them to generate video views from page views, matchmaking the page content with an organic video hosted at the company owned content exchange, or automatically generating a new video from clippings, photos and texts.


Monk’s Hill Managing Partner and iVideoSmart Board Member Peng Ong says

“we are a partnership of seasoned entrepreneurs who have built and backed global companies based both in silicon valley and Asia, and we are glad to support iVideoSmart management team with our expertise and network. We believe they framed the problem very well, seizing a global opportunity that can eventually lead them to become the next unicorn in the region”.


iVideoSmart Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Alexandre Yokoyama adds

“we welcome the funding and the support from our investors Monks Hill, we believe there is a window of opportunity for content big data and we aim to lead this industry with the best and most successful set of offerings,
generating strong and solid revenue streams for our partners, while also unlocking value for our company”..


The company plans to use the proceeds for commercial expansion and business development. With headquarters in Singapore and operations in the Philippines, it is looking at both expanding in Asia and also in developed markets like USA, where the market rates for ads are higher.


About Monk’s Hill

An investment firm created by entrepreneurs to support entrepreneus, the company believes that, above everything else in the startup world, it is the entrepreneur who creates value. The right entrepreneurs have the smarts to correct mis-defined products, the charisma to bring onboard expertise they themselves do not have, and the mental strength to stick through the tough times.

With a solid portifolio, it was awarded in 2016 by SVCA – Singapore Venture Capital and Private Equity Association – VC Deal of the Year with regards to their investee Ninja Van Logistics.

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