Our Objective

We want to lead the Pivot to Video trend.

TV and Newspapers are struggling with the fact that their traditional business is shrinking, they must convert to digital but current alternatives make it difficult to succeed.

Viewing habits have shifted online and time shifting has driven the rise of Video on Demand (VOD). This has forced traditional media shift to either going on their own with the specter of high CAPEX and ongoing OPEX or surrendering their IP and monetization to a Third Party.

Advertisers are confronted  with the current lack of transparency and control on digital ads as well as limited choices in inventory providers. They also face a very real concern of fake news and association with inappropriate content and other brand safety issues. The rise of ad blockers is also starting to impact their digital efficiency.

At iVideoSmart, we believe this pivot is an opportunity rather than a threat. We leverage AI and machine learning (ML)  on our platform with our no risk (0 OPEX/CAPEX) model to provide a verifiably premium content network that is a brand safe environment for our partners. Our innovative products and ad units, driver better and deeper engagement that is measurable across our video eco-system and allows us to distribute video globally.

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Our Presence

Singapore (APAC Headquarter)
Sri Lanka

Smart Team, Big Ideas

We’re a fun group of bright minds gathered in one place to revolutionise the advertising industry.

Milan Reinartz

Chief Executive Officer

Hari Shankar

Chief Revenue Officer

Eric Koh

VP Operations

Loong Chee-Yuh

Chief Technology Officer

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We are a group of engineers, geeks and video lovers who believe that the digital advertising market is broken, and our mission is to fix that market.

If you would like to revolutionise the advertising industry with us, please send your resume to us at admin@ivideosmart.com

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