75 Million Users To Enjoy Super X-Fi® Headphone Holography As Creative Partners With iVideoSmart

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SINGAPORE, Nov. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Creative today announced a technology partnership with iVideoSmart, a leading white-label video publishing platform with over 75 million unique monthly streaming users in Asia.

Creative is working with iVideoSmart to incorporate its groundbreaking Super X-Fi technology into iVideoSmart’s platforms. This is a technology partnership that sees Super X-Fi integrated right into the engine of a third-party platform, and Creative is planning for more such Super X-Fi partnerships going forward. These kind of partnerships will allow a massive number of users to have a taste of Super X-Fi technology for free on a limited basis. This will enable the rapid scaling up of the Super X-Fi user base.

At the same time, iVideoSmart will facilitate the marketing of Super X-Fi products to its massive user base starting with Creative’s SXFI AMP. The SXFI AMP is the first manifestation of the Super X-Fi technology that garnered many rave reviews and won multiple awards, including the Best of CES 2018 Award (AVS Forum). The SXFI AMP achieved a very high satisfaction number at launch, with over 99% of customers impressed with its performance. The SXFI AMP is the best of two worlds; it combines Super X-Fi technology with a premium high-performance headphone amplifier in a dongle no larger than a finger. Find out more about SXFI AMP here:

“Subsequent to the launch of the first Super X-Fi product in Q3, 2018 in Singapore, Creative has now expanded its engagement activities to include international streaming platform partners. iVideoSmart is one such streaming platform that has had a very impressive ramp up over the last few years to become one of the largest video publishers  in the region,” said Darran Nathan, Super X-Fi Business Director at Creative.

“The way users consume their media content has changed dramatically. Users now consume their content more and more from streaming sources. This trend has also seen the emergence of streaming content with audio of higher and higher quality. This is where Super X-Fi comes in to play a big part. Akin to the black & white TV era taken over by the advent of colour, Super X-Fi will forever transform the way users experience content on their headphones. This partnership is part of our goal to deploy Super X-Fi to every headphone user on the planet. It also demonstrates that Super X-Fi is a technology that can exist in many forms; which include streaming entertainment apps, software platforms, standalone devices, smartphones and tablets, and even TV sets,” added Darran.

“We are extremely excited to be able to bring this game-changing technology to our users soon. By integrating Super X-Fi into our video player, users streaming content from smart devices and headphones will be able to experience audio as if it was coming from an elaborate home entertainment system speaker set-up. This creates a totally new immersive experience for users, especially when you watch videos of eSports tournaments or live events. ” said Sze Chin Lee, CEO of iVideoSmart.

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