We Unlock the Potential of Online Video

Our Unique Solution

A single Free platform that helps Content Owners,
Publishers and Advertisers achieve their goals

Create Video Inventory Instantly

Create Video Inventory Instantly

Smart widgets transform any page view to a video view
Access to iVideoExchange, over 1M premium videos
Repackage VOD to Live
Convert Linear to VOD

Worldwide Distribution

Publish content on our iVideoExchange.

Worldwide Distribution

Videos will be recommended to our publisher partners globally.
Reach potentially 300M monthly.

Increase user engagement

Smart Widget increase engagement.

Increase user engagement

Up to 55% conversion from page view to video view
Up to 300% increase in session duration

Innovative Monetisation

Innovative Monetisation

Interactive Hotspots
Video to ecommerce
In-video ad triggers
Immersive gaming
Server side ad insertion

The Value We Provide

Content Owner

Premium eco-system of content, brand safe and advertiser ready. We help diversify reach, audience and geography.


Premium brand safe content, Supplement existing or to create OTT or online video platforms. More risk friendly than going on own.


Brand safe environment for advertisers, with innovative and user-friendly ad formats that can bypass Ad blockers. Our unique formats allow you to get 100% share of voice on premium content.

Telcos & Device Manufacturers

We bring solutions to increase data consumption from users and creating your own OTT platform with premium content thanks to our content exchange platform, while generating revenues from advertising.

Our Partners

Work with Us

We are a group of engineers, geeks and video lovers who believe that the digital advertising market is broken, and our mission is to fix that market.

If you would like to revolutionise the advertising industry with us, please send your resume to us at admin@ivideosmart.com or via Linkedin.

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