You Have Video Content

Do you already have digitalised content but want to reduce your costs, increase video views and revenues? Or your content is archived and you want to give it a second life? We have the solution.

You Want to Add Content to Your Website

You already have page views on your properties but no video and no video advertising. We have the solutions to increase monetisation and improve your customer experience.

You Want to Advertise on Videos

Are you concerned about brand safety? Do you want to advertise in an innovative way? iVideoSmart provides everything out of the box, associated with a large and qualified worldwide audience.

We help you find the solution.

Use Video Content in a Smart Way

Harness the full potential of video content with our all-around set of solutions and technologies. We address all the facets of the market to provide a better profitability for everyone.



Enable publishers to offer a DIY white-label easy-to-use video site and app creator.


Enable brands to digitally place a product and/or brand message into the video as if they were originally shot in the content.


Converts article page view into video view instantly.


One stop platform for premium content.


Converts existing section or landing page into a customizable video portal.


Enable instant interaction and engagement between user and the video content with interactive touch hotspots.


An ad format that auto plays in text articles without video content.


Generates a highly relevant video based on article.

You Have Video Content

Find out our solutions to generate more value out of it


Increase the monetisation of your content with our advanced advertising solutions. Apart from traditional pre/mid/post roll, discover endless new solutions like iVideoAdd, our Digital Product Placement solution, or iVideoTouch the mobile friendly interactive hot spots solution. Our video to e-commerce solution transforms video views in purchases while our image recognition allow to display ads related to the video content (people, brands, scenes, …).

Content Management

Our CMS will simplify the way you manage and organise your content. You can publish your videos on your website using our HTML5 player or syndicate it on other platforms like YouTube and all.

Worldwide Distribution

You want to reach new territories? Publish your content to iVideoExchange, our content exchange platform. Your videos will be proposed to our publisher partners all over the world.

Video Portal

Your video content deserves a new nest? Have a look at iVideoSite, our simple and fast solution to build a new video portal or section from scratch with its Android and iOS applications. And you can still use our iVideoSense to match articles to your videos or iVideoPlaylist to display your selected playlists on your current website. Build your very own OTT platform!

Live Channels

And why only VOD? Jump in the live game to increase engagement with iVideoChannels, our solution to create a live channel from your VOD content suitable for any mobile network, even in 2G. Monetize even better with 30 commercials an hour per channel!

AI Content Scanning

Provide a second life to your back catalogue: our technology will process and analyse your videos to identify any people, scene or object in it. It will allow to automatically add frame level metadata and information and help you generate new metadata for your videos.


With iVideoSmart you remain free: no vendor lock, no platform exclusivity, mainly based on revenue share, meaning no OPEX and no CAPEX most of the time. Your success is our success.
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You Want to Add Video Content to Your Website

Find out our solutions to digitise and videotise your website

Videotisation of Articles


You have articles like news and you would like to create your own video content: our iVideoMatic solution is made for you! This smart solutions automatically transforms written content into a video made from video clips and images assets with your text article read as a voice over (or a summary of your text). The video produced is your own property and you can monetise and distribute it as you wish.

Match Content with Context


Do you want to add accurate videos to your pages? iVideoSense analyses your page content and selects the most accurate videos from our premium and brand safe content library. The revenue is then shared between the content owner and yourself.

Outstream Videos in Scrolling


Do you want to monetise your page views? Add outstream video ads directly in the pages with iVideoRoll. When the users scroll down on your page a video ad will be displayed, in an effective way to get video impressions.

Frictionless Video player


Do you prefer to select yourself the videos displayed on each page ? Create your own playlists with videos from iVideoExchange, our content exchange, and insert our iVideoPlaylist widget component on your pages, to benefit from a customizable player and monetise from video ads. 

Monetize better your website through videotization and frictionless integration

With iVideoSmart, integrating new video content and adding a player is friction-less, we mainly work on a revenue share basis, and we cover the bandwidth, meaning no OPEX and no CAPEX most of the time. Our business grows with your success.
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You Want to Advertise on Videos

Find out our solutions to maximise the impact of your ads

Brand Safety


Ads run only on videos from our premium content partners. Since we control the whole ecosystem from the content, publisher and ads, you benefit from a full transparency, and can track where and when your ads have been displayed, at a video level.

Native ads


What if your brand was natively embedded in the video? iVideoAdd, our Digital Product Placement solution allows to seamlessly integrate your brand within a video. You want to replace a phone by another brand? Add a soap on the bathtub? Everything is possible. The only limit is your imagination.

Match video Context with Ads


Because we know a lot about the videos we distribute, we can associate your brand to some moments of the video. Imagine your are a travel agency, and the user is watching a beautiful beach scene. Why not advertise just beside the scene when the user is the most receptive to your message? We can do it.

Interactive Ads


Video is the most engaging media. But how to convert a user from a passive watcher to an active buyer? With iVideoTouch, our video to e-commerce solution. We make the video interactive leading directly to your e-commerce, your subscription or any call to action you defined.

Communicate and advertise in a meaningful way through our innovative and user-friendly ad formats

We control the whole advertising ecosystem: what content is used, on which page and what ad is placed there. By working with us, you also benefit from a full transparency on it, and can control which premium content will be associated with your brand, and use advanced ad technology to create the biggest impact.
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