iVideoSmart has a very diverse team with talents from Singapore, US, Brazil, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India. We source the best people from all around the world, and we are proud to offer a multicultural environment and diverse where everyone can learn from each other.

While our core engineering team is based in Singapore, we also have engineers spread across Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India; amongst the technical team, there are 2 home-maker turned software engineers, 1 physics teacher turned engineer and 1 visually impaired backend engineer.

Honestly, it was not intentional but in the early days we were looking for specific skillsets within certain budget range and Momo successfully matched us to talents from literally all over the world - Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and US. Obviously, we had initial concerns about the ability to manage these diverse talents remotely but with the right online collaborative tool and a strong PM (also matched by Momo) so far it has worked surprisingly well for us and the team enjoyed working with one another. In fact internally our guys remarked that we operate like a mini united nation, but infinitely more efficient, with talents from US, Brazil, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and China. So now everyone is familiar with the public holidays of all these countries.

SQ Lee, COO, iVideoSmart Pte Ltd

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If you would be interested in joining our team, feel free to drop us an email at admin@ivideosmart.com or our LinkedIn page.