Our Objective

We aim to fix this industry.

Let’s face it, TV and news companies are torn between the fact that their traditional business is shrinking, they must to convert to digital, and current alternatives just makes them wonder how to succeed.

Also, advertisers are confronted to the lack of transparency and control from digital ads, leading to brand safety problems and also reduced efficiency due to ad blockers.

At iVideoSmart, we believe that digitisation is an opportunity rather than a threat. It allows content to be exchanged all over the world, it creates new ways to generate revenue for publishers, and for users it brings a lot more content on any screen. In addition for advertisers, our video tagging solution using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) allows us, among other things, to guarantee brand safety, to blend sponsored content into videos and to make video content clickable and interactive, therefore enabling to extract the most value from their branding and performance campaigns.

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Our Ingredients

We source the best people from around the world.

Singapore (APAC Headquarter)
Sri Lanka

Smart Team, Big Ideas

We’re a fun group of bright minds gathered in one place to revolutionise the advertising industry.

Rex Wong

Executive Chairman

Alexandre Yokoyama

Chief Executive Officer

Lee Sze Chin

Chief Operating Officer

Loong Chee-Yuh

Chief Technology Officer

Vincent Martin

Chief Business Officer

Vinchi Cuyegkeng

VP (Business Development)

Kok Wen Yen

VP (Technology)

Work with Us

We are a group of engineers, geeks and video lovers who believe that the digital advertising market is broken, and our mission is to fix that market.

If you would like to revolutionise the advertising industry with us, please send your resume to us at admin@ivideosmart.com

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