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Our Unique Solutions

We aim to fix the digital advertising industry, and here is what makes us different.

Digitisation & Videotisation

Convert written content into video content.

Digitisation & Videotisation

Thanks to our unique set of technologies, we can increase the monetisation of your website by matching an existing video with your written content, or generate a brand new video through AI, to maximize the impact on your audience.

Global Distribution

Generate revenue from overseas markets.

Global Distribution

Thanks to our content exchange platform and our unique revenue sharing model,  you can get a global footprint and also gain access to premium content from our overseas partners and create more value for your users.


Generate more revenue with innovative ad formats.


We propose a set of innovative ad formats that allow a better monetisation, better user experience, better fill rate and to bypass adblockers.

Video Portal and App

Build your own OTT platform with no OPEX and no CAPEX.

Video Portal and App

Thanks to our technology and our unique content exchange platform, we can help you creating your own OTT platform with no OPEX and CAPEX, using your existing content or using the premium content from our partners on a revenue share basis.

The Value We Provide


We ensure a brand safe environment for advertisers, with innovative and user-friendly ad formats that can bypass Ad blockers. Our unique formats allow you to get 100% share of voice on premium content.

News Media

We provide better monetisation and user experience through video digitisation of news content, thanks to our premium world news content, or your video inventory.

TV Companies

We bring better monetisation of your content through innovative and user-friendly ad formats, the ability to build your own OTT platform, and help you distributing your content and generating revenue overseas via our unique content exchange platform.

Telcos & Device Manufacturers

We bring solutions to increase data consumption from users and creating your own OTT platform with premium content thanks to our content exchange platform, while generating revenues from advertising.

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We are a group of engineers, geeks and video lovers who believe that the digital advertising market is broken, and our mission is to fix that market.

If you would like to revolutionise the advertising industry with us, please send your resume to us at admin@ivideosmart.com or via Linkedin.

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